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12thGlow was originally started by one of our Founders Dana Maddox after she began her own wellness journey after suffering silently with depression. On this journey being Black, plus sized, and on a budget Dana struggled finding spaces that felt as inclusive as they claimed. How can you be inclusive if you don’t attempt to include the people in your community; do you have community outreach; does your social media feed reflect all demographics? After stepping into one too many uncomfortable wellness spaces she decided to start 12thGlow right out of her Philadelphia home. It began with our 6 original candles and lots of free or low cost wellness workshops all over the city of Philadelphia. After much success 12thGlow grew too big for one person and Dana enlisted the help of her dear friend Dominyque Davis to join as a founding partner. Dominyque was also in search of healing and wellness that felt true to her so it was a natural fit. Together they are expanding 12thGlow into a complete wellness haven for Black women and their allies. Besides wellness workshops and products 12th Glow also offers birth services. Black women have the highest maternal mortality rate and a very high percent of these deaths are preventable. It is important to us as doulas to bridge the gap and create beautiful birth experiences for our clients.

Our mission is to create a space where Black women and our allies can practice self care and wellness in a way that is safe, true, and affordable.


Pisces 🌞 Gemini 🌚 Scorpio ⬆️

I got into my wellness shortly after my daughter was born because I wanted to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. I began to see a therapist for my depression and they asked me one simple question, ”what do I do for myself?” I realized I had no self care routine. I began investing in my wellbeing and the idea of 12thGlow was born. I quit my federal government job of 7 years to pursue this dream full time. Thankfully my grandmother taught me how to make candles  so I began 12thGlow with a simple product to help with self care at home. I am also a Birth Arts International trained Doula and have serviced many parents in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. Outside of my 12thGlow role I hold many hats. I am an avid DIYer; I’ll try just about any project! I have a knack for set design and work on a lot of projects with my sister Patrice Pugh. I am also a budding photographer with interest in commercial and product photography so be on the lookout for my work soon! My absolute favorite role is wife and mother. I love my family so much and this work is allowing me to spend my time healing, growing, and learning with them and YOU!


Cancer 🌞 Taurus 🌚  Taurus ⬆️

Plant lover, Fashionista, Friend.

For one reason or another, I’ve always been into wellness and healing. I am the type of person that feels compelled to help out whenever it’s needed, which is why my initial career path was Human Resources. It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided that path no longer suited me and I took a deeper dive into my spirituality and wellness. Since then, my interests have grown to include holistic healing, feminine wellness, and spirituality. I’m excited to be a part of the 12th Glow family and train to be a Doula. My five-year plan is to help expand 12th Glow into a full service wellness business, travel, and inspire women all over the world.


Our Name

The Name 12thGlow comes from the recurrence of the number 12 in Dana’s life. She shares a birthdate of March 12th with her biological sister (exactly 6 years apart) and her God son. Her sign is the 12th zodiac and she gave birth to her daughter in room 312 (Dana’s exact birthdate). The most significant connection didn’t come until later in Dana’s wellness journey and she began to learn about Chakras. It is believed that our 12th Chakra is our connectivity to the universe and which way we go about our souls purpose. We believe that we are meant to contribute to Black women’s wellness and self care. We want all of our beautiful black sisters to glow from the inside out!

Our mission is to create a space where Black women and our allies can practice self care and wellness in a way that is safe, true, and affordable.

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